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Kimberly's work is available at

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New work in the Studio 2023

I am excited to capture these majestic Humpback Whales  swimming off the coast of Vancouver Island. These "in process" photos capture the bare beginnings of the work.

"Glass is my canvas"

Kimberly lives in St Albert, Alberta with 3 of her 5 children, and 3 cats. Her studio, which is attached to her house, is her favorite refuge.

I strive, in my creations, to capture a moment of resiliency. I use unexpected color and layers of kiln fired glass to tell a story. My art feels like you could walk through the glass , I want you to see the layers that build each part of the story. I want each piece to reflect back to the viewer the  layers of their own story, their own resiliency.


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20230220_140655 (2).jpg
Portrait 2023 (2).jpg
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