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Glass Block  

Scenes from Alberta


Looking over my life, the moments where I struggled with mental health issues, the moments where I succeeded against the odds, the moments of dark and light, I realized that I had divided my life into layers.

Looking at each stage or moment on its own, and easily becoming trapped in the single story told in the moment.


It is only when I bring all those layers together - the dark and the light, the loss, sorrow and pain along with the success, joy and happiness - only then can I see the complete beauty of my life.

Only then that I can begin to see the complete beauty of the lives of those around me.

I create glass art in layers in the same way. Some layers are dark and muted - without definition. Other layers are incomplete compilations of form and color.

Not one single layer would stand on its own.

It is only in the formation of the block - the complete fusion of all the layers that they story - the beauty emerges.

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larch lake.jpg
spirit island.jpg
Each project is built in layers
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